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City of Sundance is Member of Wyoming Smart Capital Network

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- Sundance, Wyoming -

Sundance, nestled in the Black Hills of Wyoming, is a picturesque, small town bustling with energy and vitality, firmly grounded in history with an eye to the future. When Prussian-born immigrant, Albert Hoge staked his claim in 1879, he was adamant that the town’s name was to be Sundance to honor the Native Americans and the sun dances they performed on the mountain south of the town-site. We are proud to be the first, original Sundance: historic, western, and real.


City of Sundance, New Transfer Station

The Sundance Transfer Station began operation  October  2014. If you haven't been to the Landfill recently you will notice the changes. All household garbage or construction & demolition materials will be weighed and fees are charged accordingly.  The City has established a new compost area. You may haul all compost items to this area at no cost. Items include tree limbs and branches , yard and garden clean up. Please do not throw trash or plastic bags in the compost area. We have a attendant at the transfer station office to assist you with any questions.


The Croell Project is moving forward. Paving on a section of fuller road is complete. The foot print of the new Croell building is in place. Construction is expected to begin in early 2015.
The City of Sundance adopts The Code of The West Ethics

At the December 4th 2012 meeting the City Council passed Resolution 20, 2012 adopting The Code of West Ethics.

Live Each Day With Courage

Take Pride In Your Work

Always Finish What You Start

Do What Has To Be Done

Be Tough, But Fair

When You Make A Promise, Keep It

Ride For The Brand

Talk Less, Say More

Remember That Some Things Aren't For Sale

Know Where To Draw The Line


The City of Sundance hosts tour for member's of NEWY

The City of Sundance hosted a tour for member's of the NEWY (North East Wyoming Municipal Leaders) 
September 2012

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