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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the City of Sundance’s responsibility regarding private sewer laterals?
The property owner is fully responsible for maintaining adequate sewage flow to and through the sewer lateral, from the property structure to and into the sewer main. When failure or stoppage of a sewer lateral occurs, City crews will respond only to check the sewer main to verify that the main is open and sewage is flowing. If the sewer main is found to be clear, it is the responsibility of the property owner to call a plumber or drain cleaning service to correct the problem.

What if my sewer backs up?
If you experience a sewer backup, call us at 283-3459. After hours, weekends and holidays, call 283-1225.
We will come to your address and determine is the stoppage is in the sewer main or your lateral line. If the blockage is in the sewer main we will fix it as quickly as possible and keep you informed about what is being done.

What about the mess?
A sewer backup can lead to disease, destruction of valuables, damage to your home, and electrical problems. Prompt cleanup of affected property can help minimize the inconvenience and damage.
  • The property owner is responsible for contacting and taking care of cleanup on their premises.
  • The property owner should then contact their own private insurance agent and submit a claim for their damages.
  • All property owners should contact their insurance agent in regards to the sewer backup endorsement. This is an endorsement that can be purchased on their homeowner’s policy, but is generally not covered on a standard form.