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Garbage Rates

The following rate schedules apply both inside and outside the corporate limits of the City of Sundance.  Any other pickups will be made on a contract basis and at a negotiated rate. All customers will make billing arrangements with the city clerk prior to service.  If conditions of any city provided utility service is changed by the customer due to ownership, rental, lease, expansion, or development of premises or property, the customer will advise the city clerk at the time of change so proper adjustments to billing can be made.

  Monthly Residential Fee Monthly Commercial Fee  
Inside City Limits  $ 34.90  $ 45.75 This schedule includes all single family customers, such as houses, mobile homes (in or out of recognized mobile home parks), and apartments.  Pickups will be made once weekly.  (Tires Excluded)
Outside City Limits  $ 45.75  $ 45.75 This schedule includes each and every business or service establishment, such as, but not limited to, business or professional offices, retail stores (except large volume food stores), and government offices.  Each separately operated business in the same building shall be treated as a separate charge.  Pickups may be two times a week. (Tires Excluded)
Residential Recyling $ 4.50   **All residential garbage accounts will be assessed a monthly fee, inside or outside city limits (regardless of participation)
Motels   $ 2.95 per unit Motel owner/manager living quarters will be treated as a residential pickup and billed accordingly.  Each non-motel business located on the premises will be treated as a separate charge and billed accordingly.
Restaurants    $ 5.10 Per seating of four. 
Bars   $ 62.15  
Gas Stations   $ 62.15 (Except food and fuel stations)
Campgrounds   $ 72.25  Fees may vary according to size.