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Public Works Department

The Public Works Department for the City of
Sundance is made up of the director and 4 full time employees. The sanitation/transfer station has one full time employee. Seasonal employees are hired in the summer months for the city parks, cemeteries, summer recreation & swimming pool. Our duties include overseeing the following departments: water, sewer, parks, swimming pool, landfill/transfer station, cemeteries, streets, alleys, and building inspection. These duties include making sure your water is safe to drink, snow is plowed and/or removed from the streets in a timely fashion, the trash and recyclables are collected and disposed of properly, graves are dug, cemeteries and parks are maintained, and the sewers are kept flowing.
We also keep all of our rolling stock, 5 pickups, 4 dump trucks, street sweeper, motor grader, backhoe, loaders, garbage truck, garbage compactor, Transfer station truck & trailer(s), sewer jet machine, air compressor, skid steer, mowers and trailers plus all attachments in good working order.

Work Hours:
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday 

Telephone:                                                          Fax:         
(307) 283-3451                                                   (307) 283-3452
Public Works Director                                                 Mac Erickson
Equipment Operator
                                                   Bradley Frazier            
Equipment Operator/Saftey Officer                             Hans Simpson
Equipment Operator                                                    Wade Henderson
Sanitation/Landfill                                                        Rich Cortez
Transfer Station/Part time