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Reporting Crimes

Reporting a Crime

Call the Crook County Sheriff dispatch. 307-283-1225

Identify yourself by your name, address and telephone number.

Give the exact location of the incident.

Report the information.

Stay on the line with the communications dispatcher until they have gotten all the information.

Do not confront the situations yourself. Wait for the sheriff/officer to arrive.

Remember emergency calls get first priority, all other calls are on a lower priority basis.

Indicators of a Crime

Someone screaming or shouting for help.

Someone in need of medical attention.

A person running, especially if carrying something of value.

Anyone being forced into a vehicle.

A person exhibiting unusual mental or physical symptoms.

Persons making a quick change of vehicles.

Burglaries, robberies, thefts, auto-break-ins in progress.

Someone looking into windows of homes or parked cars.

Apparent drug trafficking.

Unusual noises.

Apparent business transactions conducted from a vehicle.

Property being taken out of closed businesses or houses where nobody is at home.

Open or broken doors or windows to a home or business.

Cars, vans, or trucks moving slowly and without lights with no apparent destination, or repeating the same action.

A stranger sitting in a car stopping to talk to a child, etc.

Describing a Person

When reporting a suspicious person if possible write down the following:




Height (estimated from eye contact level measured against your height);


Hair (color and length);


Facial Hair (beard/mustache);





Any peculiar or distinguishable mannerisms, physical disabilities, disfigurations, scars or tattoos;

Voice characteristics;

Direction of movement.

Describing a Vehicle

When reporting a suspicious vehicle write down the following:

Vehicle license number and state, make and type of vehicle, color, and approximate age;

Special designs or unusual features, such as vinyl top, wheels, body damage, pinstripes, etc.;

Direction of travel.

If possible, total number of persons inside the vehicle.

If possible, a description of the driver.