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Rules & Regulations

Markers and Headstones:

All monuments, markers and headstones shall be made of a permanent material. All monuments and markers shall be installed under the direct supervision of the City supervisor to insure proper placement and conformity to cemetery regulations and standards. Each marker or headstone must be placed on a concrete foundation/apron at least 4 inches wide to allow the grass to be easily mowed.

  • For lots containing more than one remains, only one upright monument will be allowed per lot, any others must be placed at ground level.
  • All footstones, corner markers and borders must be placed at ground level.
  • All fences, hedges and walls around burial lots are prohibited. The old iron fences will be left in place to preserve their historic value.
Artificial Flowers and Decorations:

Artificial flowers and other items of decoration/memorialization will be allowed to remain on the grave until such time as they become faded, worn, or damaged, and are no longer presentable. At that time, the City Supervisor reserves the right to remove and discard these items without prior notification to the owner.

Planting Trees, Shrubs and Flowers:

All trees, shrubs and flowers planted in the City cemeteries shall become the property of the City as soon as they are planted. All plantings shall be coordinated with the City Supervisor to insure the proper location and ease in maintenance. The City reserves the right to remove or prune any and all trees and shrubs as needed, in order to keep the area neat and attractive, without prior notification to the family.