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Sewer Rates

The following rate schedules apply both inside and outside the corporate limits of the City of Sundance.  Residential rates will be based on the average monthly water usage for December of the previous year and January and February of the current year.  Commercial billing will be based on actual water usage for the month.

 Effective March 1, 2023 Winter Average Basis Monthly Minimum Fee Each 1000
Inside City Limits  $ 5.85  $ 4.35
Outside City Limits  $ 6.90  $ 5.85

  Base Minimum Fee
Sewer Special Use $ 23.25
     **This schedule includes all snowbird, seasonal, and accounts where an accurate meter reading cannot be obtained.  These accounts do not have winter usage to average or have no usage.  Customers that fall in this category will be based on 4,000 gallons usage.

 Sewer Special User Fee
      Mobile Home Park  
           Inside City Limits per lot $ 368.00
           Outside City Limits per lot $ 738.00
      Motels-Hotels per unit $ 189.00
      Commercial Building per unit $ 189.00
     *Other Special User fees-determined by City Council Members.
     **Availability and Tap fees will also be charged to special users.

 Tanker Dumping  Each 1000 Gallons      $ 110.00

      Inside City Limits  $ 1,819.00
      Outside City Limits  $ 3,638.00
 SEWER TAP (Four Inch Tap)  
      Inside City Limits  $ 729.00
      Outside City Limits $ 1,210.00
     *Larger sizes determined by City Council Members.