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Snow Removal Priority

1)     There must be a minimum of 4 inches of snow before the City will plow. During a snow event we ask that no vehicles are left parked on Main Street (from the bank to the library), 2nd, 3rd, and 4th streets from Main to Cleveland.  We begin our plowing between 4-5am, depending on the severity of the storm. Our goal is to make all addresses accessible to emergency vehicles, (police, fire and ambulance) as soon as possible. Two plow trucks are set up to plow the snow when the 4 inch criterion is met. One truck will begin plowing the downtown area moving west. The downtown area is usually a two day job as we come back the next morning to clean up the snow that has been pushed off the sidewalks. The other plow truck will start at the hospital and plow downtown and then to points East.  The hospital, downtown, frontage road, and canyon should be plowed and sanded by 6:00am making these areas open to the emergency vehicles. The streets that service the schools and residential areas will finish out the snow plowing routes.

2)     After all the streets have been plowed, we begin moving the snow from the middle of the streets with a loader and two or three dump trucks. Please do not attempt to pass the loader on the opposite side of the street as this creates a traffic hazard. It takes less than one minute to load a truck, so your patience is appreciated while we do the best we can to make the street passable.