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General Information

The City of Sundance has operated a sanitary landfill since the mid 1970’s. With the closing of the landfill a Transfer Station was built. Operations began in October 2014. The City purchased a used Semi truck and have also purchased special trailers to haul the refuse to other disposal location. Customers may take items to the transfer station anytime during normal hours of operation. Tuesday noon-4 pm, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 8am-4pm. CLOSED: MONDAY, TUESDAY 8am - 12 noon, THURSDAY AND SUNDAY. Each load of refuse is weighed on the scale and priced accordingly.

The City of Sundance passed a resolution making Recycling mandatory effective May 3rd 2011. This program has been very successful and it is estimated that over one half of the municipal waste once generated is now being recycled. The curb side recycling program collects cardboard, paper, cans, aluminum, plastic containers with the recycle symbol and glass bottles & jars. Residential Route Pick is every Thursday.

We do not recycle: strya foam, soft plastics, magazines or grocery bags.

The City developed a green waste program in the summer of 2014. This helps in a couple of ways by reducing the amount of weight in municipal waste and by keeping the environment in good balance by composting for future use.   The City truck hauls once a week to the compost pile. For residents who do not have resources to haul their yard waste to the landfill the city will provide a container. Anyone who is interested in hauling compost items themselves can do so during normal landfill hours at no cost.

Glass is collected by the City of Sundance at no charge. Put your rinsed bottles or jars in with your other recycling for curbside pickup on Thursday. For out of town customers glass can be taken directly to the Transfer Station at no cost during normal business hours.

White waste or metal can also be taken to the Transfer Station at no cost. All appliances must have any Freon removed. Contact your local heating/AC co. for assistance.

Construction & Demolition waste is accepted. Call the Transfer Station at 283-3498 for more information.

Contact Us

Phone  (307) 283-3498

  Transfer Station Hours:

 Noon to 4 p.m.
Wednesday, Friday
  8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Closed Monday, Tuesday Morning,Thursday and Sunday

Take the East Interchange past the Rest Area on Industrial Park Road.  Take the second left going up the hill.