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Sundance Warning System

The City of Sundance has three emergency warning systems. We have the siren warning system,  the cable TV override,  and Groupcast.

During a weather warning both the siren and and cable TV override will be activated. A warning means we are having severe weather and you need to take  immediate shelter.

If we are under a weather watch the cable TV override will be activated.  The public will be notifed of the nature of the weather watch and what actions they should take. A weather watch means conditions are such that severe weather may occur.

The City of Sundance has also received a new mass broadcast system for emergencies called Groupcast. The City of Sundance has the ability to call  citizens of Sundance at one time in emergencies.  If you have a cell phone or landline and the numbers are in the city database, we can contact the cellphones and landlines in the database with a mass emergency message. It will occur on all phones listed simultaenously.

Please visit City Hall to make corrections on your cell phone numbers or updates as they may occur.

Siren Warning System

One- 3 minute continuous souding of the siren means a TORNADO has been sighted in the Sundance area.

Two- 1 minute soundings of the siren means a FLASH FLOOD  is occuring.

Three short soundings of the siren means a HAZARDOUS MATERIAL ACCIDENT has occured.

Four short soundings means the the FIRE DEPARTMENT has been summoned to a fire in the Sundance area.

Five short soundings means the AMBULANCE has been summoned to a call in the Sundance area.

Cable TV Override System
For those citizens of Sundance who have cable TV, a warning and instructions will be given over all cable TV channels. The cable waring system will give you an alert tone and will disrupt your programming on all channels. A verbal warning will be given as to the nature of the emergency, along with what actions you should take.

What to do:

In the case of Tornado you should; find shelter inside, away from windows.

In the case fo Flash Flood you should; Go to higher ground above and away from rising water.

In the case of Hazardous Material Accident you should; Go to a location that is upwind from the accident and a safe distance away.

In the cases where the Fire Department and or Ambulance has been summoned to a fire or medical emergency and you are not a member of the emergency response teams, you should stay clear of the area they are summoned to.