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Suspicious Activities


Suspicious Persons

Person going door-to-door in a residential area, especially if one or more persons goes to rear of residence.
Possible burglary suspect or trespasser

Person waiting or loitering in front of a house or business, if house is unoccupied or business is closed.
Possible burglary suspects

Person forcing entrance or entering a house you know is unoccupied
Possible burglary, theft or trespassing

Person running, especially if something of value is being carried or if it’s an unusual hour.
 Possible suspect fleeing the scene of a crime, such as burglary or robbery

Person screaming
Possible rape or assault

Person loitering around car or going from car to car peering into them, especially in parking lots or on streets
Possible car theft

Persons loitering around schools, parks or secluded areas
Possible sex offender or drug dealer

Persons offering items for sale at a very low price
Possibly trying to sell stolen property

Strangers loitering or slowly walking through neighborhood several times
Possible burglary suspect or vandals

Suspicious Vehicles

Slow moving vehicle without lights, especially if its course appears aimless
Possible burglar, drug pusher or sex offender

Parked or occupied vehicle containing one or more persons; especially significant if observed at an unusual hour
Possible lookouts for a burglary or robbery

Vehicles being loaded with valuables if parked by an unoccupied residence or closed business.
 Possible burglary in progress

Recently abandoned vehicle, especially one bearing no signs that the driver had mechanical trouble.
Possible stolen car

Vehicle containing weapons
Owner may engage in criminal activity

Vehicle into which someone is being forced, especially females or juveniles
Possible kidnapping, assault, attempted rape, or child molestation

Vehicles where business transaction appears to be under way, especially around schools or parks
Possible selling stolen items or drugs

Locked vehicle that someone is attempting to enter forcibly, especially in a parking lot
Possible theft of car or its contents

Persons detaching mechanical parts or accessories from a vehicle
Possible theft or vandalism

Objects of apparent value being thrown from a vehicle
Possible disposal of stolen property

Suspicious Property

Property offered for sale at a very low price, except for obvious attic or yard sales
Possible stolen property

Property in vehicles that is not normally found in vehicles, such as TV sets, stereos, guns or auto parts
Possible stolen property

Property being carried by persons on foot, especially suspicious at an unusual hour or unusual place. Very questionable if person is running and property is unwrapped
Possible property just stolen in burglary or robbery

Property being removed from or loaded into a vehicle or building at an unusual hour, from an unoccupied residence or closed business
Possible burglary in progress